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Let's face it, most of today's modern dry erase boards are either way too big and bulky, or they require magnets or sticky adhesives in order to stay in place. This means they only stick to certain surfaces, and when they do, they usually have to stay in place. Moving them around too often can not only be problematic, but it may also cause unexpected damage to the surfaces. And using sticky paper notes as an alternative is simply wasteful and unkind to Mother Earth.

But now there's a new solution. notesup is completely changing (and revolutionizing) the way you can leave notes or little inspirations around your own home, office - or just about anywhere else in between - and on many types of surfaces! And the best part of all is how easy, flexible and damage-free these nifty little notepads are!

Sticks Just Like Magic!

Every notesup notepad is made of durable silicone to not only offer greater flexibility, but also quick and easy "on the fly" reusability. notesup notepads work and stick perfectly on most hard and smooth surfaces - and they do it all with NO magnets, NO strings, NO hooks, and NO adhesives!

Thanks to the magical sticking power and simple reusability of notesup notepads, there's zero hassle, zero mess, zero damage, and zero waste! Feel free to leave handy reminders or daily inspirations exactly where you or your loved ones need to see them the most - on your fridge, bedroom mirrors, on glass or granite surfaces, or other random hard and smooth surfaces.

notesup notepads
Reusable Notepads with Markers and Sponge

Label Your Jars

Versatile and practical, notesup can help you organize your things!

Post Anything You Want!

Our handy and conveniently sized 'sticky' notesup notepads will allow you to post...

* Quick reminders
*Inspirational quotes
*Appointment reminders
*Small lists or "to do's"
*Or anything else you want!

paper notepads
paper notepads

Inspire & Empower

Leaving inspiring messages all over the house for you and your loved ones!

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