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Reusable 8 Petal Flower Notepad with Marker and Sponge

Reusable 8 Petal Flower Notepad with Marker and Sponge


Both cute and functional, these flexible silicone notepads adhere to almost any hard and smooth surface without leaving behind any sticky residue.  Simply peel them off and move them where you need them!  Can be used on whiteboards, smooth walls, glass, granite, stainless steel, or just on your desk.

Use as a daily reminder anywhere you need it, home,  Also a great menu board, student reminder, locker or laptop message board, and instructional tab for reheating dinner, or doing the laundry.  A fantastic gift for friends and family.

Try out this unique, simple way to communicate at home, work, or school. And the best part is--you can use this pad over and over again! :)

  • Care Instructions

    The notesup notepads are reusable, non-adhesive and never boring! They are flexible and attach to most hard, smooth surfaces including glass, stainless steel refrigerators, granite and more! Make sure that the back of your notesup notepad and the surface that it will adhere to are clean and free of dust and/or other particles. To remove the dry erase chalk marker, use the enclosed sponge with a mild liquid soap, rinse and dry. Make sure that both sides of notesup are completely dry before each use.

    Don't expose them too long in the sun or heat. 

    Lastly, play around and have fun! 

  • Measurements

    Approximately 5 1/2" x 5 1/2"

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